Welcome to the next revolution in storytelling using powerful Augmented Reality technologies to bring a world full of imagination right into your physical space. Your journey starts here.

Founded by Sohail Dahdal at the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park, Fifth Wall Immersive Media Lab is the next generation media creators, part research lab, part digital studio with the mission to reimagine storytelling, creating engaging immersive experiences that uses the latest innovation in immersive technologies without losing the power of storytelling. Our unique offering is a new patent revolutionary technology that applies the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality to integrate 3D point cloud volumetric videos and animations right into the physical world. The results are stunning intuitive experiences that seamlessly integrates with your offering be it in a museum, educational or training environment, or any other physical space. No matter what is your reality, at Fifth Wall we take it to the next level brining your audience into a truly immersive future.

We use a new revolutionary way to do business by assembling an eclectic team of top young talents fresh from out of university mentored by highly experienced industry mentors and in collaboration of university professors. Each team is carefully selected on project base and put in rapid incubators working in high energy collaborative environment in a process is similar to the film industry model but with a more agile methodology with rapid prototyping. The result is fresh ideas based on solid research and executed at the highest industry professional level creating intuitive, robust, and accessible projects at an affordable price.

We are an ethical social enterprise that aims at creating projects that engages youth in history, heritage and culture. Youth education is at the core of our values and we invest considerably in research to explore the best ways to create content that can accomplish this. We also value our clients, our team and the environment therefore all our project are quoted at a fair price, with minimal margins ensuring that our team is paid fair wages, and we try to conduct our business virtually as much as possible to ensure a sustainable operation with minimal impact on the environment.

Let us introduce you to the future of storytelling, email our founder Sohail Dahdal here: